Exalted Ruler Message
Greetings From The Station Of Fidelity,

   I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. January 1st we’ll have the Football game day at the Lodge. It’s pot luck so bring a dish to share and relax and watch the games.
  Our Lodge is hosting the Inland District Officers Clinic on January 5th starting at 8am. There will also be a time that the Word Judge Ritual people will have a class. Word Judges are needed for the up-coming Ritual contest in April. We’ll have a lunch break and then continue with the Clinic. Officers are REQUIRED to attend.
  Fish Fry returns on the 10th of the month. Volunteers are always needed for these events. The Pasadena trip is on the 15th. The sign-up sheet is in the foyer on the table with the Daily Draw. The fee is $25.00 per person. Snacks will be on the bus going and coming home. We need to think about a Theme: how we dress and how we will bring the $100.00 to the Pasadena Lodge. Put your thinking caps on for ideas and let the Leading Knight, Ilona know what you’ve come up with.
  The 50’s Dinner Dance is the 19th, Cocktails at 5pm and dinner at 6pm. We’ll have hot dogs, chips & shakes. Come dressed in the 50’s era attire. The 22nd is Service Pin Night. Anyone eligible for a service pin should try to be at that meeting and bring your family and friends. This is an open meeting. In February, we’ll have the nominations and voting for the New Officers for the year 2019-2020. First nominations are February 5th. Please come to the meetings and show your support.
  Super Bowl Sunday is the 3rd of February. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be available for purchase. You can bring a side dish to share if you’d like. Starts at 1pm. Casino Night is on Saturday, the 16th of February. Bee Wright is the Chairman and might be needing some Volunteers. Please contact her if you’d like to

Your Exalted Ruler,
Darin Combs
Leading Knight Message

Greetings From The Station Of Charity,

   WELCOME 2019 Happy New Year my Elk family. It’s a new beginning. It’s time to make new memories, new friends and new everything. Looking forward to an exciting and adventurous New Year. Let us continue to support one another and strive to make our lodge the best possible. And as always... stay safe.... Be Blessed.

Your Esteemed Leading Knight,
Ilona Kelemen

Loyal Knight Message


 Welcome to a new year. I hope you all had happy and safe holidays. I thank everyone who helped with the children’s Christmas party. It is always so much fun to see those excited faces when Santa comes riding in on the fire truck. I especially want to say thank you to the Emblem Club ladies for their help with the party. I appreciate that we, as Elks, can count on them to step up when asked. I sincerely hope that all of you will have a wonderful and prosperous 2019.

Your Esteemed Loyal Knight,
Cynthia Brehm

Lecturing Knight Message

Greetings From The Station Of Brotherly Love,

 Hello all. Well another year has come and gone and I hope that everyone’s Holidays were filled with happiness and joy. Speaking of another year going by, would you believe that the Elks year is rapidly coming to an end? That means there will be lots of opportunities to get involved in the many committees we have. So, if you would like to be involved, be sure to let someone know. I know I haven’t been seen much around the Lodge, but as everyone knows the recovery time for full knee replacement surgery is a slow process and I am happy to say that recovery is going very well. ( We cannot retrace our steps nor call back the days that are gone. )

Your Esteemed Lecturing Knight,
Willie Norman